Friday, 11 March 2016

Super Amazing activities is Almost Here

There are some activities that make your journey
Even more special, even more memorable.


Trick Eye Museum: This is a “must” activity for selfie crazy, social networking active individuals. an amazing world of mystery and illusion unfolds at the trick eye museum. an optical illusion room is sure to amaze you with a change from 2 paintings to 3 dimensional artworks. museum’s themed galleries have plenty to offer like the world of masterpieces, safari kingdom, star of a circus, dreams of fairy tale, adventure discover and many more surprises. This is one place where reality ends and illusion begins in an amazing, never before experience.

Historic WWII Landmarks of Changi Tour: A must visit museum for senior citizens and growing up children alike (grew up reading commando comics). This museum was once a prisoner of war camp during the Japanese occupation of Singapore. you get to know of the inspiring bravery of men & women, civilian & soldiers alike, as you visit the commemorative galleries of the museum. apart from the other WWII weaponry replica, you get to see the replica of the 15-inch gun battery that stands in the former gun emplacement site.

River Safari: Your first visit to Singapore must have included the night safari. your next visit to Singapore could be more exciting and new with the spectacular river safari. a first of its kind in Asia, a river themed wildlife park, you get to encounter rare and endangered marine species, admire freshwater habitats, amazing aquarium galleries, panda and amazon rainforest- 7 river  habitats.

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