Friday, 19 February 2016

Tips to Cheap Flights by Fortune World Tour Agent

The industry gurus share these  secrets to get the best price for the tickets :

1.  Finalize your vacation destination. Once finalized sign up for airfare alerts in all possible airline to that destination

Finalize your travel destination as early as you can. People looking for a general vacation just need to finalize the destination depending their mood and requirement. If you destination selection is budget best, fix up 2-3 probable destination.

2.  Plan your travel date in advance. Earliest you plan your travel , there are chances that you may get the best price for your tickets

 Start looking for the tickets early. The latter you book, chances are bright for you to get the best deal.

3.  Flexible travel dates

Be flexible with your travel date. Some days might be cheaper than the others.  

4.  Airfares could be relatively higher during the festive dates so try traveling a few weeks ahead or after of those festival dates.

Look for the festival dates of the planned destination. Usually tickets on the festival dates are higher than the other dates.  Even the cheapest seats are sold out quickly.

5.  Be ready for long stopover flights.

 Mostly the flights with long stopovers could turn up to be cheaper than the others. If you do not have children travelling with you, flights with long stopover could be cheaper.

6.  Allocate particular travel agents. 

The more regular you are with a particular travel agent, their loyalty towards you will assure you the cheap flight deals. Travel regularly with a selected travel agent. Every organisation respects regular clients not just for regular business but for their world of mouth publicity. 

7.  If travelling with a family groups, break up for separate purchases.

Searching for too many passengers at one go might not show you the cheapest fare if the available seats are lesser than the searched number of passengers.

These guidelines will enable you to breakthrough the lowest airfare for your holidays. 

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